Vivid Wallscrolls

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Wallscrolls from Vivid Publishing!  You have a plethora of options, so settle in and I'll explain how this works.


Product specs: Wallscrolls (portrait or landscape) are 35 inches x 27 inches, printed in vibrant color on fabric.  They can roll up for easy storage, and include hooks to make hanging a breeze.  


'Series' vs 'Custom':

'Series' scrolls are from Vivid Publishing comic series, and are $44.99 each.  You can preview all the 'Series' designs by clicking their number codes up there.  (Give it a second to load.)

'Custom' scrolls feature your own personal art, created by a Vivid Publishing artist.  Customs are $59.99 each.  Tell the artist which piece you would like on a 'Custom' scroll, and if it is printable, they will give you a number code for that piece of art.


Once you have your number codes, it's time to check out.


 Checking Out

Pick your favorite from the list- and then be sure to enter your number codes where it says "Wallscroll Designs specify."


One series scroll?  Pick that Scroll design, plug it into the 'Wallscroll Designs specify" to be on the safe side, and checkout.  Voila.

Two series scrolls?  Pick a Scroll design, but plug BOTH number codes into the 'Wallscroll Designs specify" area.  Be sure to notch the order quantity to '2,' and you're all set.

Custom scroll?  Pick 'Custom' under the design option, then enter your number code into the 'Wallscroll Designs specify" area.   

Two Custom scrolls?  Pick 'Custom' under the design option, enter BOTH your number codes into the 'Wallscroll Designs specify" area, and notch order quantity to '2.'  


Want a combo and a great deal?  Pick the "3-PACK" from the Design area, and then enter any three number codes into the 'Specify' area.  Could be all series, all customs, or a mix, but it'll be 3 total.

 Thank you & Delivery:

That's it!  Any questions, e-mail me at dreamkeeperscomic(at), and thank you for supporting your favorite Vivid Publishing artists.  Profits will go to the Vivid artist who created that illustration.  After Couchcon is over (June 28th) we will close orders, and then begin manufacturing your scrolls.  We expect them to be produced by July 31st, and delivered by September 1st.  

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